Weather report for Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Weather conditions:
A low pressure are leads humid air towards the Alps.
Weather today:
All day long clouds will dominate and rain showers are possible. Towards the evening rain will become less frequent. Maximum temperatures between 14° and 21°.
Mountain weather today:
Clouds lead to low visibility. All day long rain showers have to be expected.

Further development

Temp. max: 25°C
Temp. min: 14°C

Temp. max: 27°C
Temp. min: 15°C

Temp. max: 28°C
Temp. min: 15°C
Wednesday doesn't bring a big change. It remains mostly cloudy and rainy. Thursday during the day under the influence of north Föhn weather improvement, but it remains variable. Generally better weather on Friday with thunderstorms in the afternoon.