Weather report for Thursday, July 02, 2015
Weather conditions:
High pressure will determine the weather conditions.
Weather today:
Sunny weather with some cumuliform clouds in the afternoon. The probability of thunderstorms will increase. Highs from 28° to 35°.
Mountain weather today:
Good conditions until midday. In the afternoon cumuliform clouds and the probability of thunderstorms will be higher.

Weather report for Friday, July 03, 2015
Weather conditions:
High pressure conditions over Central Europe.
Weather tomorrow:
Another sunny day, isolated thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon. Increasing temperatures with highs from 30° to 37°.
Mountain weather tomorrow:
Very warm conditions on the mountains. In the morning it will be very sunny, during the afternoon some isolated thunderstorms can develop.

Further development

Temp. max: 38°C
Temp. min: 19°C

Temp. max: 39°C
Temp. min: 19°C

Temp. max: 39°C
Temp. min: 19°C